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Medical Tourism can be elaborated as a process of combining ‘cost-effective’ private medical facility in collaboration with the tourism industry for patients who need superior surgical and other forms of specialized therapy. In recent times, medical tourism has appeared to be one of the predominant segments of the tourism sector in India, and it is the fastest growing segment. Best medical facilities in top-notch accredited hospitals with recent cutting-edge technologies. The scope of India in medical tourism Medical tourism is an economic activity that involves trade in services and represents two of the most significant world industries: medicine and tourism. According to a study carried under the aegis of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), medical tourism in India

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Our patients can count on us at Health2our to get the best medical and health services on any health condition. Be it surgical or body rejuvenation

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Medical Tourism in India is one of the booming segments owing to the presence of specialized professionals, advanced infrastructure, highly sophisticated medical equipments and fractional cost of medical treatment and healthcare facilities when compared to other advanced countries with similar resources. Medical travel in India offer a range of services which include cardiolovascular , IVF, Orthopeadic, Laproscopic surgery, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, Neuro and Spine Surgery among others.


Developed by an ex-monk, Headspace has been making headlines around the world for bringing meditation into the digital age.


Calm is a mindfulness meditation app that allows you to choose between different guided meditations or simply just meditation music.


When someone has never worn glasses, or has lived in contacts, they get nervous. They sometimes have a fear that in glasses, they’ll look like they’re unable to see. Remember the saying ‘boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses’? I wanted to break apart that stigma and help people find the glasses that make them feel beautiful. I believe that glasses should be a piece of art on your face.

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Busy lifestyle, unhealthy habits and stressful routine in most individuals have resulted in the origin of many health conditions. Large populace are suffering from various diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, kidney problems and cardio problems. Most ailments are curable with timely treatment. India has emerged as one of the best in medical tourism. Treatment in India is now possible with latest technology and personalized care in the top medical institutions and hospitals. Keeping in mind the international clientele, comprehensive health check-up packages have been designed. Enjoy good health and well-being with personalized health packages.


Knowledge of the body and its functions was the beginning of self-understanding. Knowledge of the mind was the start of self-awareness. Knowledge and the experience of the spirit was the start of self-realisation. For these a healthy body was required and therefore cleansing practices (shatkarmas), yoga postures (asanas) and breathing practices (pranayama) were developed. A clear mind was also needed so systems of concentration and meditation practices were developed. As the population grew and communities developed, philosophies and behaviour evolved to help maintain the balance between each other.

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If you prefer to stay at a hotel near the hospital during your treatment, the International Patients Division can help you with room arrangements, according to your preferred budget.

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Coming back from a business trip or leisure foreign tour, you may have balance foreign currency in your wallet. It’s also applicable for buying foreign currency.


You know, as we do, that one of the hardest things to change in this life is your present state of mind. Our daily one minute meditations are drawn from a variety of thinkers, spiritual giants and religious leaders and are the perfect, gentle, inspiring, little navigators back to your highest.

Meditation is an incredible practice that benefits us in so many different areas of life. It reduces stress, allows us to focus our minds us the joy of truly living in the moment.


Healthy living is about living wholly, in harmony with nature; our environment and our own core self. It is about integrating our mind, body and soul. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of healing and living, is the only one of its kind in the world that addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our well being. With a therapeutic approach that gets to the core of our personality, behaviour and lifestyle, Ayurveda is more than a mere system for curing ailments; it in fact charts out a complete lifestyle for disease-free living.